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I worked with the brilliant photographer Lindsey Kent from Pictours Paris on her site refresh. Added a filter portfolio element, blog and testimonial section, and integrated contact and testimonial forms.

I worked with graphic designer Anastasia Komnou to design this small business website for a psychologist.

I worked with graphic designer Anastasia Komnou to design this small business website for a consultant.

An artist's website.

I worked with graphic designer Anastasia Komnou to design this interim website for European HR company EuroTriade. Their new website will launch in late February, early March.


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Personal Musician's website.

TradingScreen wanted a "reskinning" - that is, content remains the same, but site gets a facelift. New extensions, easy site maintenance, and thorough handover training manual for staff maintenance.

Tusk Cap wanted a fresh, light look and a modern, light-loading website.

Collegium International wanted a facelift for their site - something more modern, more responsive, and more dynamic.


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Sometimes your message is simple: image. Your work is on display and nothing else.

I developed the first website for Le Dôme Roissypole in 2009 and was asked to develop a new site using the latest HTML5 and javascript. The website runs faster, the slideshow more smoothly, and the look more modern. The website aimed to highlight the essential features of the plot, as well as the architectural and aesthetic value of the building.

The Sogoo Children's Project needed an updated, modern feel that was easy to manage from the back-end. This was also done at an NGO rate.

Maxime Dereymez needed a website that allowed him to communicate his latest shows, performances, workshops, etc. for his growing fan base.  The website features several interesting extensions, including a contact form, social network components, lightbox photos, and more.

Yes this is my own wedding, but no, this is not the first wedding website I've done. If you'd like something more personal than the standard templates provided by generic wedding sites, I'd LOVE to help.

This is a personal endeavor of myself and a friend.  We aim to provide a resource for expats in Paris, as well as those hoping to live in Paris.  The website features the Disqus comment extension, photo lightbox functions, as well as randomly generated tips, polls, and membership. 

The National High Five Project team wanted a fresh, simple, professional look for their cancer research fundraising NGO. With graphics by ADK, it was easy.

AQi Capital wanted a custom feel for their Advanced Quantitative Innovations firm. The design approach demonstrates their research-driven firm, as exemplified on their Master Strategy page. We have incorporated Highcharts and Dygraphs for interactive displays of AQI trends and data that run on light weight HTML5 and Javascript. Other custom elements include background image, font, logo, and graphics.


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Patricia Kogan sought a sleek, simple, and elegant interface which communicated her core business lines in film making and direction. The website contains a client login function, as well as a portfolio page of embedded videos from her professional account via Vimeo.

The Collegium International needed a professional website that served equally as an archive for their activities and publication.  The principal objective of the Collegium is to shape the major guidelines that will lead to more concrete actions, with the requirement of ethical integrity and political viability.  

Katrina Patchett needed a website in under a week that allowed her to communicate her latest shows, performances, workshops, etc. for her growing fan base.  The website features several interesting extensions, including the Disqus comment forum, contact form, social network components, lightbox photos, and more.


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Future Harvest requested that I install a particular template and incorporate several features, including a Google calendar, newsflashes, and registration forms.  The website was put together in under two months, with constant collaboration with Future Harvest CASA staff.  

TLG sought a professional interface with their clients, a website that incorporated their latest press releases, their case studies, and job opportunities for their growing firm.

AMERA Egypt wanted a fresh, energizing new look for their website.  They promote the development of pro bono legal aid and psycho-social services for refugees in countries where such services are non-existent or insufficient and where legal representation and psycho-social support might assist them in realizing their rights. The website serves to provide information to refugees, potential donors, as well as potential volunteers. 

Tusk Cap asked us to develop a logo, a sharp interface, and a cohesive way to express their major business lines. 

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